Monday, November 1, 2010

lets start it again. :)

oke! lets start it all over again. (baca macam korang baru kenal aku, oke? :DD)

   name given is MOHAMMAD IQRAM AKEEF BIN MOHD AMIN, 19 in ages, skinny and tall but athletic and tough. born on APRIL 26 1991, in BATU PAHAT, JOHOR. loves music and sports a lot, especially indie, metal, football and futsal. still studying right now at IPG-KPI, BBB, SELANGOR; under BACHELOR OF EDUCATION FIRST DEGREE MOE program, a TEACHER-TO-BE. :)

   well, there's not much to say, just a little bit about myself (sounds like u don't even know me, rite? :DD POYO!) hope i can give and share best thoughts and opinions on everything that i've gone through in my life here in my unfamous blog. do like it, stay with me. does not? so take steps away and please don't come back. thank you, come again.


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